ASCL summary of the Workload Reports

30 March 2016

ASCL has previously welcomed the government’s recognition of the problem of workload. All parts of the education system do indeed have a role to play in reducing the unnecessary tasks that take teachers and school leaders away from their core task: improving outcomes for children.

This summary of the three reports on reducing workload burdens related to marking, planning and data management focuses on the principles in each report and the recommendations for school leaders.

We have argued that whilst the workload challenge highlighted these three areas of teaching as potentially burdensome, trying to tackle the areas separately may oversimplify matters. Teaching is a complex activity and the areas are interlinked. It may be, for example, that a small increase in time allocated to planning could generate considerable savings in marking and collecting data.

We recommend that a broad view is taken when considering these reports.

ASCL will be publishing guidance for school leaders in relation to managing and reducing workload.

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