ASCL Funding Campaign: What Would You Cut?

13 March 2017

Please join our Twitter campaign

Education funding is at breaking point because of rising costs and flat cash. ASCL is very concerned that the life chances of children and young people are being put at risk.  

Following an idea from the East Cheshire Heads group, ASCL launched the #WhatWouldYouCut campaign on Twitter between 5 and 8pm, Sunday 5 March, and ahead of the Chancellor's budget on 8 March and ASCL Annual Conference 2017 on 10 March.

The aim of the campaign is to show politicians and the public the impossible choices that schools must make to cut a total of £3 billion from their budgets by 2020*.

During the launch and the week of 6 March, schools across the country tweeted thousands of pictures showing the range of fantastic activities they provide for their pupils with the hashtag #whatwouldyoucut.

Many thanks to everyone who made this campaign so successful; the campaign quickly began trending on Twitter and was the number one trending item for over an hour during the launch. 

We still need your help

It is still really important to keep the campaign and the pressure going. For maximum impact we need schools and colleges to:

  • continue to share photographs on Twitter to highlight the great activities that go on every day in their schools and colleges around the country, and posing the question: what would you cut? Images should feature services, staff and resources - all central to what makes a school or college successful.

         NB Please only use images for which you have appropriate
         permission, and which adhere to safeguarding

  • As an example, your tweet could say something like this: 
    Great concert by our KS3 band. Education funding is at breaking point #WhatWouldYouCut @hmtreasury @yourlocalMP

  • tweet authorised and appropriate photographs of events and activities in your school or college using the hashtag #WhatWouldYouCut

  • include the Twitter handle of @hmtreasury and your local MP in your tweets to make sure they know how communities are affected. Follow the link to find the contact details of your local MP.  

  • consider pre-scheduling tweets using Hootsuite or Tweetdeck

  • if you have character space, you may also wish to include the shortened link to this page on your tweet:

  • encourage your teachers, governors and staff to retweet and share the images and messages from your own schools and colleges, as well as those from around the country. This will keep momentum going and awareness of the issue high

Why this campaign?

The key ideas behind this campaign are to:

  • make a positive statement about the great work you do in your schools and colleges, and how this is being put in jeopardy by the funding crisis

  • raise public awareness of the funding crisis in education

  • focus attention on funding as we approach ASCL Annual Conference, and as part of ASCL's longer term strategy 

Your help is vital in raising awareness of just what is at risk - we must make a stand now for the education of our children and young people. 

Thank you for your support. 

If you require any further information about this campaign, please email

* In December 2016, a National Audit Office report showed that schools face having to make £3 billion of savings by 2019-20.