2018 to 2019 academy general annual grant allocations

15 March 2018

The ESFA has begun the process of uploading academy funding allocations for 2018/19 to the Information Exchange. Allocations for academies that opened before, or on 1 January 2018, will appear by the end of March 2018.

For academies with sixth forms, the detail of your 16 to 19 allocation will, as usual, be set out in your separate 16 to 19 allocation statement.

Allocation statements will be available on the Document Exchange ‘revenue funding’ folder, under ‘AY 2018-19 (2018/19)’. You can access Document Exchange by logging into Information Exchange, and choosing the Document Exchange tab at the top of the page. For support and guidance about Information Exchange, please visit the support page.

Also published, is the academy general annual grant allocation guidance to support pre-16 allocation statements and 16 to 19 allocation supporting guidance to support 16 to 19 allocation statements.

It is recommended that you use your allocation calculation toolkit and guidance to understand the data used to calculate 16 to 19 allocations. The ESFA has undertaken to consider 16 to 19 business cases where there is a significant error in the data academies have returned. The deadline for business cases is 27 April 2018.

Standard minimum thresholds will be applied to decide whether business cases will be considered. Please review the thresholds published in the supporting information before submitting a business case.

The ESFA has also published a presentation on the 16 to 19 funding allocations process for 2018 to 2019. This provides further information on this year’s allocation process following the annual letter to the sector in January.

If you have any queries, please contact the ESFA using this online enquiry form.