16-19 Funding Campaign

06 November 2017

In October 2017, the Sixth Form Colleges Association conducted an online survey of state schools (school sixth forms, academy sixth forms and free school sixth forms) and colleges (FE colleges and Sixth Form Colleges) in England. The survey was conducted on behalf of the eight organisations behind the Support Our Sixth-formers campaign.

Thank you to all members that completed the 16-19 funding survey, the final report can be read here. We had a good report on this on the Radio4 Today programme on Monday and would encourage all members in colleges and in schools with sixth forms to support our move to engage with their local MP on their constituency day this coming Friday (10 November). If has not been possible to arrange a meeting with them it would be helpful to the campaign if you would write to them to raise the issue of the dire state of 16-19 funding and send them a copy of the survey report. It is important that we keep the pressure on the Chancellor in the lead in to the Budget on 22 November on 16-19 funding as well as the overall funding level for schools.