Refocusing Assessment

A new resource was launched in March 2017 following discussions between ASCL, Schools, Students and Teachers network (SSAT), the National Foundation for Education Research (NFER), and the schools we work with. 

Refocusing assessment is about focusing on the needs of students and the ways in which assessment can best support good pedagogy and practice.

This resource provides an outline structure to support conversations about assessment within and between different departments in your school. It provides a framework for school leaders and department heads to plan a coherent whole school approach to assessment that will support the learning of each and every student.

Refocusing Assessment - overview document


 Refocusing Assessment - ASCL template


Subject areas

Refocusing Assessment - English

Refocusing Assessment - Geography

Refocusing Assessment - History

Refocusing Assessment - Maths

Refocusing Assessment - MFL

Refocusing Assessment - Science

December 2017: New assessment resource for design and technology GCSE

Following the joint publication with SSAT and NFER in March 2017 of Refocusing Assessment, and with the introduction last September of a single title GCSE, a new design and technology resource has been developed by Torben Steeg and David Barlex.

The design and technology materials can be accessed here.

There is also a more detailed commentary of assessment in design and technology available here, together with a blog post outlining the background to the resource.