A levels and GCSEs 2018

2018 is the most significant year of GCSE reform, with 17 new GCSEs being awarded for the first time. This follows the introduction of the first awarding of 9-1 grades in the reformed English language, English literature and maths GCSEs in summer 2017. 

ASCL's Curriculum and Assessment Specialist Suzanne O'Farrell has produced four information papers containing likely FAQs to assist school leaders, teachers, parents and pupils about this summer's results.

ASCL member and headteacher David Blow also prepared technical guidance for the results in 2017 which models likely outcomes for the reformed GCSE English and maths exams.

ASCL's Head of Public Relations Richard Bettsworth has produced an information paper to support school and college leaders when providing parents, carers and local communities with useful information, and when responding to media interest.

Click on the PDFs below to download each paper as required: 

FAQs for School leaders
FAQs for Teachers
FAQs for Parents
FAQs for Students
Technical Notes in Advance of the June 2017 GCSE Results

GCSE and A Level Results 2018: Working with the media

The GCSE Factsheet provides an outline of the new GCSEs, introduced in 2017, which you may wish to share when dealing with queries.

GCSE Factsheet 2018

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