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ASCL self-evaluation tool
Version: 10 (updated April 2018) Price: £50 (donated to charity)
Author: Tony Thornley | Stephen Rollett
Building on previous self-evaluation (SEF) tools created by consultant Tony Thornley, ASCL’s Inspection & Accountability Specialist, Stephen Rollett has developed an April 2018 (SEF 2018) update to ASCL's framework of SEF tools to support school leaders. Receipts from the sale of these booklets will go to the ASCL Education Charity. The suggested donation for the latest guidance is £50, payable to ASCL Educational Development Trust. If you have already received the previous versions and donated to the charity, you do not have to donate twice to the fund. However, if you find the materials useful, you are welcome to make a further donation to the charity.

Leading for the Future
Date: September 2014
ASCL’s publication, Leading for the Future: A summation of The Great Education Debate, provides an overview of vision and purpose, setting out some of the best thinking and contributions to the debate. It also draws upon key leadership challenges that emerge, considering them within the context of a rapidly evolving education landscape.

Careers engagement: a good practice brief for leaders of schools and colleges
ASCL, ATL, NFER and The 157 Group
Date: April 2014
This brief highlights the principles of effective CEIAG as evidenced and agreed by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL); the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL); the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER); and the 157 Group. It outlines how to audit and establish your CEIAG priorities; how to put into practice your plans using some suggested methods and tools; and finally, how to review, evaluate and revise your plan.

Your Guide to Apprenticeships
Date: March 2014
ASCL has been working closely with the Education and Employers Taskforce (EET), the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) and employer organisations to help school and college leaders to enable their students to navigate this complex area. This guidance booklet helps to provide essential information and sources of further advice and support.

Date: September 2013 Price: £2
This pocket book contains information regarding salary scales for September 2013 – August 2014. The booklet is primarily for members of ASCL though it is available for purchase by non-members.

Redundancy - Planning for the future
Date: April 2015
This booklet is primarily for members of ASCL who have been made redundant recently.

Managing staffing reductions
Date: July 2010 Price: £10
Original text by Brian Unwin, 2001
Revised by Richard Bird, ASCL Legal Specialist, 2010
The information in this book applies specifically to schools but the core legal and human considerations pertain to colleges as well. It may also help college colleagues to understand the issues for schools that are engaged in joint enterprises with them.

Distributing and sustaining leadership
Date: February 2010 Price: £18
Edited by Keith Cox
Contributors: John Keller, Joan McVittie, Arthur Barzey, Remo Iafrate, Marcia Twelftree, Graeme Hornsby, Ian Bradbury. This book draws on contributions from ASCL members to give a practitioner’s view of how various issues will impact on school and college leadership.

Raising standards through effective CPD
Date: February 2009 Price: £15
The need for the highest quality leadership and management of continuing professional development (CPD) has never been greater. Almost invariably in schools and colleges today it is a key feature in the job description of one of the senior leadership team whose role impinges on every single member of the workforce.

New to the leadership team
Date: March 2008  Price: £18
Authors: Harvey Black and Jill Clough
While the possibilities can be hugely exciting for those of you new to the leadership team, the challenges and scope of responsibility can be equally daunting, especially for those who have moved quickly through the ranks. We hope this book will help you to prepare for and become more comfortable and confident in your new role.

Achieving more together: Adding value through partnership
Date: January 2008 Price: £25
Author: Robert Hill
This book develops several of the principles of sustainable leadership set out in Robert's first book, Leadership that lasts, but especially the wider leadership of the system being exercised by a rapidly increasing number of ASCL members.

Alive and kicking: Case studies in teaching foreign languages
Date: March 2007  Price: £12
Authors: Sue Webb, Jim Donnelly, Maria Sharratt, Andres Simpson, Matthew Morris, Nigel Clemens, Jenni Hall, Peter Kent, Annabel Kay, Benn Warren and Elin Owen
The case studies gathered together in this publication demonstrate that, whatever external strategies or levers are in place the greatest impact comes from the enthusiastic teacher.

Leading an extended school
Date: November 2006 Price: £16
Editor: Malcolm Noble
The extended schools agenda is one of the great unknowns challenges facing schools this decade, and its true impact on schools is still up for debate.