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  • Updated KS4 transition matrices tool with 2018 national figures

    Advice April 2019

    The powerful subject value-added (VA) grid combines DfE transition matrices (TMs), published as part of the Guidance in the Performance Tables in January 2019, with the pupil-level datafile produced for each school by the DfE for the exam result data-checking exercise each October.

  • Progress 8 toolkit

    Advice February 2019

    ASCL member David Blow has produced a detailed analysis tool for Progress 8 together with helpful notes that include prompts and questions on its use.

  • Updated transition matrices and ready reckoners

    Advice February 2019

    The DfE has published KS2 and KS4 pupil and school ready reckoners on revised 2018 data.

  • June checking exercise

    Advice June 2019

    The window for checking that your school has the correct pupils identified for inclusion in performance tables, ASP, IDSR etc is now open until 5pm on 1 July. It is very important to check that the DfE list is correct; we are aware that a significant number of schools do not routinely do this.