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  • Restart a Heart day of action

    Restart a Heart is a designated yearly day of action with the aim to teach vital life-saving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills to as many people as possible.

    10 July 2018 - ADVICE

  • Apprenticeships - updated guidance

    The DfE has published updated guidance for schools on using apprentices in your workforce and spending levy contributions.

    10 July 2018 - ADVICE

  • KS3 and KS4 #knifefree lesson plans

    The Home Office and the PSHE association have launched new #knifefree education lessons to challenge myths and communicate the realities of carrying a knife to secondary school students, using the Home Office #knifefree campaign as stimulus for discussion.

    10 July 2018 - ADVICE

  • Maths premium guide

    The ESFA has updated the advanced maths premium guide on

    10 July 2018 - ADVICE

  • Working together to safeguard children

    The DfE has published two pieces of statutory safeguarding guidance. These set the framework within which all practitioners should operate in order to protect children and young people from abuse and neglect, and promote their best interests.

    10 July 2018 - ADVICE

  • Courier fraud

    The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has identified an increasing number of reports submitted to Action Fraud from the public, concerning courier fraud. This is the first time this type of campaign has been specifically targeting the education sector.

    04 July 2018 - ADVICE

  • Have your say on teacher recruitment and retention

    The DfE is hosting a series of events around the country, including workshops and discussions, to provide teachers with an opportunity to help shape the department’s policy development.

    03 July 2018 - ADVICE

  • The Careers and Enterprise Fund 2018

    The Careers & Enterprise Fund 2018 (CEF2018) is inviting bids for grant funding.

    26 June 2018 - ADVICE

  • Edexcel A level maths exam - June 2018

    We are aware of the allegations of malpractice or wrongdoing in relation to Edexcel’s A level C4 maths paper taken on 22 June 2018. ASCL is in discussions with Ofqual seeking urgent clarification of the situation.

    26 June 2018 - ADVICE

  • New DfE anti-bullying documents

    The DfE has published two new anti-bullying documents.

    26 June 2018 - ADVICE

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