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  • Digital skills programme

    A new digital skills programme is being made available to secondary schools across the UK to improve young people’s understanding of tech, build their digital skills and encourage them to explore a future career in technology.

    18 June 2019 - ADVICE

  • Grants for international exchanges for schools in England

    The British Council has grants available to enable schools to provide students with an intercultural experience. The visits can be used to enhance curriculum teaching, improve language learning or help build soft skills. Grants are aimed at young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    18 June 2019 - ADVICE

  • FAQs on Ofsted's 2019 Education Inspection Framework

    ASCL Curriculum and Inspection Specialist Stephen Rollett has compiled a list of FAQs on Ofsted's 2019 Education Inspection Framework.

    12 June 2019 - ADVICE

  • Open Days - new online platform

    FindOpenDays is a new online platform providing details of all UK open days, incorporating universities, colleges and schools.

    11 June 2019 - ADVICE

  • Free high-quality CPD to teach computer science

    Computer science is a huge and growing area of STEM. Employers of all sectors and sizes report an almost insatiable appetite for young people with coding and other computing skills. But only 61% of schools currently offer the subject to GCSE.

    11 June 2019 - ADVICE

  • DfE guide for schools and local authorities on unique pupil numbers

    The DfE has published a guide on the unique pupil number (UPN) – the 13-character code that identifies each pupil in the local-authority-maintained school system.

    11 June 2019 - ADVICE

  • Young people across Europe call on adults to help them tackle sexual harassment online

    A film has been created as part of Project deSHAME, a Europe-wide project to tackle sexual harassment carried out by young people online.

    04 June 2019 - ADVICE

  • Affordable Summer Camps for young people between the ages of 9 to 15

    The Summer Camps Trust has been set up to promote affordable summer camps for young people in the UK. The trust has 17 member organisations including Outward Bound, YHA and PGL. This summer the trust is piloting an affordable summer camps project.

    04 June 2019 - ADVICE

  • Design Ventura 2019

    Design Ventura is the Design Museum’s award-winning design and enterprise challenge for students. Each year, students aged 13–16 are challenged to design a new product for the Design Museum Shop.

    04 June 2019 - ADVICE

  • School Diversity Week

    Every summer Just Like Us’ network unites through School Diversity Week, the national celebration of LGBT+ equality in education. In 2019 it runs 1–5 July.

    21 May 2019 - ADVICE

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