Ramadan: Exams and Tests, 2018

20 March 2018

This paper is relevant to leaders in primary, secondary and tertiary schools and colleges, together with those involved in administering public examinations including GCSE, GCE AS and A levels, and primary tests. There are also safeguarding implications for students considering how to observe Ramadan, therefore this will affect
all teaching staff, and all staff engaged in the delivery of exams and tests over the summer.

ASCL has worked with imams, Islamic scholars, experts, Muslim chaplains in the education sector and education leaders (see Section 7 for a list of endorsers) to produce this information for school and college leaders so they may initiate discussions with Muslim students on how best they can fulfil their Islamic obligations during Ramadan, including the obligation to perform well in their exams and tests.

The intention of this paper is to provide information and practical advice for schools and colleges; ASCL does not endorse any particular interpretation of Islamic law or practice. This paper may also be used as a positive opportunity to engage with students, enabling them to make decisions for themselves.