Partner Schools Worldwide

Partner Schools WorldwidePartner Schools Worldwide is a social enterprise supporting eye-opening school partnerships across continents.

We’re passionate about what we do and the impact we have across the world. We specialise in facilitating long term, sustainable & ethical partnerships between schools, charities and organisations.

In so doing we not only effect the lives of the individuals who take part but also contribute, financially and practically, to long term sustainable development programmes and projects run by inspirational grassroots charities.

We offer the unique opportunity to UK schools to visit partner schools and community projects worldwide engaging in a variety of fun, educational and cultural activities.

School Partnerships:

  • Facilitate critical thinking on global issues and help students understand their role in an interdependent world.

  • Encourage students and teachers to appreciate their own cultural heritage whilst giving a greater insight into the heritage and fortunes of other cultures.

  • Offer students and teachers the chance to experience a different learning environment placing emphasis on character development and resilience.

  • Enable teachers to improve educational performance and standards in the developing world in a framework that provides for unique approaches to continuous personal development (CPD).

  • Provide a basis for bringing real and topical content into curriculum subjects shared across continents.

Thank you so much for all the support you and your colleagues gave us when we were out in Ghana. I had an amazing experience & I certainly feel even more confident that we will be able to strengthen our partnership.
Nicky Jenkin, Sir William Perkins School

Our partnership has helped students develop critical ways of thinking, motivated them to gain a deeper understanding of diversity and developed their ability to communicate across cultural boundaries.
Claire Kennedy, Kimbolton School
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