Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland branch of ASCL is an integral part the national association, its members enjoying the same status, support and services as colleagues nationwide.

In Northern Ireland, the association has over 170 members in more than 80 schools, the total enrolment of which equates to some 45 per cent of all pupils in secondary education and includes some of the largest schools in the Province. While most of our members work in Voluntary and Controlled Grammar Schools, a growing number of school leaders from the other sectors of secondary education in the Province are also in the association. As a branch of the national association ASCLNI is able to contribute independently to the debate on education in the Province on behalf of its members and the children it serves.

ASCL Northern Ireland is managed by an executive committee of 14 persons, drawn from the membership of the association in the Province. The president, who is elected to serve for a two year period may be a school principal, vice-principal or any other serving member of the association. Members also have the support of a regional officer, appointed by ASCL head office to service the executive committee and assist members when necessary as a trade union official. The current regional officer is a retired principal and former president of the association.


Northern Ireland members' area