College leaders have been a part of this association for more than 20 years. Our name change in January 2006 – from the Secondary Heads Association to the Association of School and College Leaders – was done in part to better reflect this important constituency of our membership. Along with the name change, ASCL has been putting in place measures to better support our college members.

ASCL’s Colleges Specialist is Stephan Jungnitz, who was formerly principal of Wilberforce Sixth Form College in Hull.

The benefits of ASCL membership for college leaders

College members of ASCL will also receive:

  • Monthly issue of College Matters via the ASCL website

  • Legal protection including access to 365 day hotline and our team of field officers

  • Contract checking and advice

  • Personal support from other experienced college leaders through the ASCL networks

To find out more about the latest membership offers, contact the ASCL Membership Office on 0116 299 1122 or

Professional Development

Recognising the complex nature of modern colleges ASCL PD offers a range of services and support to cover the various needs of your institution:

  • Senior leadership appointments, including college principals

  • Strategic development planning

  • Interpreting your own data

  • Strategic seminars for governing bodies

  • Mini inspections for subject areas or across the whole college

  • Relationships with governors

  • Help with writing SARs

  • Developing senior teams

  • Funding advice

In addition individual college leaders can be supported through:

  • Individual career planning

  • Mentoring service

  • Salary and conditions of service negotiations

More details can be obtained without obligation by emailing or contact the PD office on 0116 299 1122.