Associate members

Retirement need not mean the end of your involvement with ASCL. We have valued your membership and hope you feel the same. By becoming an associate member you can continue to actively participate and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Financial information through newsletters and personal pension advice

  • Full members’ insurance concessions

  • Representation through an elected Associates’ Committee

  • Representation on Public Services Pensioners Council and Superannuation Working Party

  • Regular magazine, Associates News

  • Leader magazine

  • Availability of other ASCL publications

  • Access to ASCL website and e-newsletters

  • Active participation

  • Annual reunion lunches

  • Support other members through the ASCL Associates voluntary service

How do you become an associate?

Fill out the form and return to the Membership Office at ASCL headquarters. Associate membership is available, either by:

  • payment of an annual subscription by direct debit (life associate available after 15 years by request) or;

  • payment of a sum equivalent to that of the current full head membership subscription for the first year of associate membership; this will entitle the associate member to membership without subscription for life. Payment is due by 31 December in the year of transfer.

The annual associate fee is £45.00* and the associate life fee is a one-off payment of £384. Subscription is non-refundable. If you pay by direct debit ASCL will be able to alter this for you.

Planning retirement? Why not attend a retirement seminar?

There are many things to consider when planning for retirement. ASCL can help. We run specially designed one-day seminars to help you prepare for retirement. You can listen to the advice of experts and discuss with them what is right for you, on topics such as financial planning, pensions and superannuation, bridging the gap, occupation in retirement, part-time work and temporary contracts. As an ASCL member you can always get the advice you need - and can continue to do so after retirement as an associate member.

ASCL Benevolent Fund 

As an associate member you and your dependents are eligible for support from the ASCL Benelovent Fund (ABF). Every case is considered on its merits and in complete confidence.

If you know someone you think might benefit, please tell them about ABF. If you think you might benefit yourself, please contact the ASCL hotline 0116 299 1122 or email for more information.

ASCL Associates Voluntary Service

Associate members are invited to volunteer to join the Associates Voluntary Service. It is free, it is unpaid and you may rarely be called on to do anything, but it is nonetheless an important and valued service to ASCL and the ASCL Benevolent Fund.


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*if you are transferring during the calendar year please contact the membership office for the correct fee.

Useful publication

Moving On

The purpose of this booklet is to provide information and offer advice from the Associates’ Committee for those preparing for retirement.