ASCL is led by a presidential trio – president, vice-president and immediate past president who are school and college leaders serving a one-year term in each post – and a permanent general secretary. They are supported by an enthusiastic and dedicated group of staff, including our headquarters team in Leicester and field-based staff who provide one-to-one support for members. 

ASCL Northern Ireland and ASCL Cymru in Wales both have a permanent secretary and an elected president who look after the needs of members in the provinces. North of the border, ASCL is federated with School Leaders Scotland which has its own general secretary and presidential trio.







UKRegional branches

Branch secretaries are elected to serve all the members in their area, including members in colleges, independent schools and other schools not associated with the local authority. The branch secretary’s role can be divided into five main areas.

  • They communicate with headquarters on matters arising locally, help to update members about ASCL policy and action nationally, and inform HQ about individual local cases of concern.

  • They serve as communicators/negotiators between ASCL members and other organisations, such as local LSCs and the LA, on policies and problems alike.

  • When appropriate, they arrange local meetings to communicate with members and Council representatives about policies, issues, and concerns.

  • They help to recruit to ASCL those newly appointed to senior responsibilities and to welcome new members.

  • They may occasionally present ASCL’s views on current issues to the media.

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