Equalities and Diversity

ASCL believes that rapid change is needed in the diversity of school and college leaders; removing the barriers that prevent individuals with protected characteristics from reaching senior leadership roles in schools and colleges will help to ensure the best outcomes for all pupils.

ASCL's equalities plan identifies six key priorities for the academic year 2017/18:

  1. Improve ASCL’s equalities data collection as both an employer and in the collection of data from members. 

  2. Improve communication and signposting of equalities networks and services for members. 

  3. Work with organisations promoting equalities in the education workforce. ASCL is represented and works in partnership with the grass roots education organisations listed here.

  4. Greater focus on equalities in leadership appointments via ASCL’s Leadership Appointment Service, the DfE, ministers and senior civil servants and the National Governance Association (NGA).

  5. Build on the expertise of ASCL staff around equalities. 

  6. Better promote equalities and diversity in our publications and communication channels. 

Activities already undertaken:

Find out more about these three key areas, together with our latest initiatives on equality and diversity in Diversity in Focus (Leader magazine, October 2017).