Review of post-16 qualifications at level 3 and below in England

This consultation response also incorporates the views of the Principals Professional Council (PPC) members. PPC joined forces with ASCL in 2014 and will operate as part of ASCL FE from September 2019. PPC represents principals and senior leaders in Further Education Colleges. All Further Education Providers offer post 16 qualifications and most also offer post 18 and higher-level provision, including Professional Training courses and Higher Education.
Extract from responses:

What additional evidence or data could we use to determine whether current qualifications or types of qualifications, including Applied General qualifications, are delivering successful outcomes?

We agree that, as well as having a clear purpose or intended outcome, qualifications should also be necessary. In other words, the knowledge and skills developed through undertaking the qualification should be in demand by either employers or students themselves.

The second of these two stakeholders is just as important as the first. The only criterion for determining a successful outcome should not be to meet the needs of the employers or the Further/HE institutions to which students will most likely progress. Neither should future wage earnings be the only important criterion. Sometimes students choose qualifications that they enjoy studying, find fulfilling, and are important to their self-esteem or mental health. Being happy and successful in studying a qualification is an important consideration – providing these qualifications are part of an appropriate study programme that is developing that young person and leading them to the next phase of their life – even if it means relatively lower wage earnings.

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