Provider funding for the delivery of T levels

ASCL/PPC welcomes the Government’s consultation on T Levels funding. We are pleased that the Government is consulting on such an important issue. We also acknowledge that the methodology proposed has been the subject of much consideration within the available funds for these new qualifications.
However, not considering funding across all 16-19 study programmes is a missed opportunity, and may be perceived by some as an attempt to ‘cajole’ schools and colleges into directing students towards T levels in order to attract more funding for their institution.

In particular, ASCL/PPC urges the Government to consider the funding rates for these qualifications, and to consider the significant resource required in relation to EEP and industry placements, especially in rural areas where students will have to travel to the kind of employer with which they seek to gain experience.

We also firmly believe that, in order for students and their parents to value T levels, a programme of awareness-raising is needed about how the further education and skills sector will help them achieve their chosen career.

Full response to consultation