Isle of Man Education Bill

Before addressing the detailed proposals in the Bill, we would like to make a general point about the rushed nature of this consultation process. Isle of Man government policy on consultations would indicate that the statutory period is six to twelve weeks, and that for major changes the consultation period should be towards the upper end of that range.
Given that this is such a pivotal and significant piece of legislation, which will shape education policy and direction for a considerable time, this must surely constitute major change. A new Education Act will impact on generations of children and teachers on the island. It is ASCL’s position that the consultation period is far too short. Seven weeks does not allow for genuine consultation and dialogue with lead professionals charged with delivering education on the island, or with ASCL as a professional association.

For this reason, ASCL calls for the Bill either to be withdrawn and re-tabled with a longer consultation period, or for the current consultation period to be extended.

Full response to consultation