Implementation of T level programmes

ASCL broadly agrees with the principles behind the review, particularly those of raising the esteem of technical qualifications, removing poor quality provision and simplifying the system for stakeholders such as employers and parents.

However we do have concerns over "The wider qualifications offer at level 3" section. Here the review states it is to "consider" the role of applied general qualifications (AGQs) and indicates the three key principles necessary to continue funding them - we would add a fourth i.e. that the qualifications should have widespread acceptability, confidence and brand awareness by employers and other stakeholders - the AGQs fit these criteria so we would expect them to remain (the way that AGQs maximise student options for progression is also very important).

We also agree that those qualifications that attract funding should represent "value for money". However we are concerned about what criteria and benchmarks would be used to define this and would expect there to be a consultation and agreement on this with the profession.

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