Green paper: Strengthening local government - delivering for people (ASCL Cymru)

Response from ASCL Cymru to the Green paper: Strengthening local government - delivering for people.
We feel that it would be essential to ensure that there is a consistent approach to regional working; the current context allows still for too much duplication of services which removes school leaders from their ‘day job’ of leading schools. The four consortia were set up, and therefore held to account, through different governance structures which are becoming too distant from a fundamental principle in Wales of ‘local democracy’. Many parents do not know or understand what the consortia are, or the influence and power they have at local level. Significant monies now are removed from this local level of decision making and from front line services which is having a significant impact on school budgets. We would therefore like to see a higher degree of consistency both in the way the educational consortia are organised and also in their governance.

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