Education Inspection Framework 2019: inspecting the substance of education

ASCL welcomes Ofsted’s consultation on the 2019 education inspection framework. As an association, we have long argued for intelligent, proportionate accountability. The next incarnation of Ofsted’s inspection framework, and particularly the introduction of a ‘quality of education’ judgement in place of an outcomes judgement, is a welcome step towards this goal.
The proposals in this consultation can only go so far in reforming the broader accountability system, and there is much more that needs to be done. We will continue to work towards wider accountability reforms on behalf of our members. In this response, however, we have principally focused on providing clear feedback on the specific consultation proposals.

The decision to publish not only the draft framework but also the draft handbook and underlying research suggests that Ofsted has taken a genuinely consultative approach to the significant changes it proposes. Given this, it is our expectation that further amendments to the proposals will be made in light of the consultation process.

Full response to consultation