Education Funding in Northern Ireland

This submission identifies the predicament that education in Northern Ireland is currently facing.

The financial crisis is the result of inadequate funding of DE by central government, insufficient funding of schools by DE and a financially and educationally unviable schools’ estate. Unless the latter two are addressed, there will have to be a significant uplift in allocation of funds to DE to sustain the currently inefficient system.

This submission calls for:

  • a need to kick-start the recommendations (especially 1-11) of the ‘Salisbury’ Independent Review of the Common Funding Scheme (2013)

  • an urgent need for effective area-based planning to review the number of small schools and unviable Sixth Forms to achieve a sustainable schools’ estate,

  • an increased allocation of resources to schools through the aggregated schools’ budget,

  • the curtailing of educational initiatives, and

  • the funding of outstanding and future pay awards by central government

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