Impact of social media and screen-use on young people’s health

ASCL and The Self-Esteem Team have joined up to consider this hugely relevant issue of crucial importance to us all from both a school leader and a young person’s point of view.

Both organisations welcome this inquiry into such a critically important matter. This is an issue that, for many children and young people, urgently needs addressing.

School and college leaders and young people agree that social media can be a force for good but acknowledge that it also has a ‘dark side’. Using social media can help young people (and adults) connect with others in a positive and supportive way. However, it is a use of technology which has grown at great speed without educators, parents, policy makers or indeed children and young people themselves understanding what the implications may be for their relationships, safety, mental health and wellbeing or how their data may be accessed and used now or in the future.

Read the full response here.