ASCL Cymru comment on extension of placements for newly qualified teachers

Eithne Hughes, Director of ASCL Cymru, comments on the Welsh government’s announcement that school placements for newly qualified teachers will be extended until the end of the 2022 summer term. 
“The Welsh government’s decision to back newly qualified teachers and give them more time to experience what it is like to work in schools is a great idea and something it deserves some credit for doing.
“The current cohort of newly qualified teachers have had to do much of their training remotely during the pandemic but there is no substitute for being in the classroom with groups of learners to experience what it is really like to work in education.
“Any support we can give to the next generation of teachers in the early part of their careers will pay dividends in future years and help alleviate some of the staff shortages that are already making life in schools across Wales so difficult.”