Meeting the needs of learners with SEND

What is ResearchSEND?

ResearchSEND was developed to promote the importance of research in meeting the needs of learners with SEND through events, collaborations, publications and research projects.

When Michelle Haywood and Professor Michelle Shaw established ResearchSEND, they set it out as three strands:

Researching the bigger picture considering research undertaken across the educational landscape, including commissioned research projects, such as HeadStart and large-scale work undertaken by Universities.

New researchers, New voices encourages teachers undertaking their own personal research to have the space to share their work and how it impacts on learning.

ChangeMonday examines how research can be translated into classroom practice to improve pupil outcomes.

Most schools allocate about five days a year to whole staff development, where several will often focus on delivering some aspect of curriculum content, others will focus on statutory responsibilities and the operational aspects of the role. Very little of this time, if any, is spent on translating research findings into effective classroom practice.

Using identified and published research can transform practice, and when teachers undertake their own research, it changes not just what teachers do, but what they think as well. The use of research contributes to gains in knowledge, encourages reflection and analysis of personal performance, and in doing so, helps to understand and improve outcomes for learners.

For SENCOs and SEND Leaders in School, research knowledge is invaluable in providing evidence of the success of research-based interventions, but there is no doubt that undertaking continuous professional development (CPD) which impacts on practice is a challenge, with limited time to undertake it and other demands on time getting in the way.

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Posted: 04/02/2019 10:25:46