School data integration

Wonde is a leading provider of a cloud-based school data integration solution connecting educators and students with learning applications and classroom tools in a simple and secure way. This ensures learning is supported and enhanced while data is kept secure and accurate.
Schools across the world are embracing enhanced connectivity using Wonde's technology. Wonde’s school data integration solution enables schools to take full control over the management of their data which is protected and updated automatically by Wonde, thereby saving time and reducing potential mistakes and inaccuracies.
The innovative platform enables school administrators to work with total confidence in the security and reliability of the system, while third party applications are kept up to date, replicating the latest changes made within the MIS.
Wonde’s school data integration solution is used in over 23,000 schools across 56 countries. For more information visit www.wonde.com
As well as school data integration, Wonde specialise in voucher distribution for the schools and public sector organisations. Evouchers.com (by Wonde) is used by over 12,000 schools and over 40 local authorities to distribute digital vouchers to families for food, books, clothes, utilities, and white goods. For further information visit www.evouchers.com

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