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Edurio is England’s leading provider of staff, pupil and parent feedback surveys for schools and multi-academy trusts, working with over 100 trusts and 2000 schools across England and internationally.

Edurio supports school leaders in setting priorities and planning school improvement based on understanding the experiences of their people. By measuring the elements of education quality most difficult to track, they are aiming to help school leaders make informed decisions, grow the buy-in of their staff and communicate their values to the community.

Their platform and their nationwide dataset allows schools to benchmark their performance against national averages on topics like staff wellbeing, parental engagement, equality, diversity and inclusion, and pupil experience and wellbeing.

Edurio has developed an advanced survey management and data visualisation platform for schools and multi-academy trusts to save effort in accessing these important insights. The team designs surveys in partnership with academic experts and school leaders to address school management priorities and inspection requirements. 

Edurio publishes research, case studies and practical guidance on evidence-driven school improvement. Its publications can be found at

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