Joint union COVID-19 guidance in Wales

2 April 2020

Joint guidance with ASCL Cymru, NAHT Cymru, NEU Cymru and UCAC

During this time of crisis school leaders, teachers and support staff are doing essential work – caring for the children of key workers and vulnerable children in Wales. The Minister for Education, Kirsty Williams, has said that she is massively thankful for the work you are doing in stepping up to the plate. Your unions are proud of you too and want to work together to enable you to manage your professional and personal lives and keep yourselves and your students safe during this crisis.

The COVID-19 crisis means that school leaders, teachers and support staff are working in new situations and new ways in order to meet the challenges they face every day. These are very stressful and anxious times. Educators want to do the right thing – so that the NHS is not overwhelmed and other essential services keep functioning.

Good professional relationships between colleagues will enable us all to meet the challenges we face. Discussion is essential so that the decisions made are well-informed, well-explained and capable of being implemented. Resilience will be fostered through all colleagues feeling they have been able to be involved in as many decisions that affect their professional lives as possible.

Download the guidance here

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