KS2/KS3 Language Learning Transition Toolkit

ASCL together with ALL’s Primary Steering Group have developed a KS2/KS3 transition toolkit which aims to create a successful bridge between language learning in primary and secondary settings.

The aim of the toolkit is to provide an informed, actionable base for secondary MFL teachers to build upon, so teachers can organise learning in a way that allows pupils to demonstrate what they already know and how well they have explored and retained this knowledge. 

The toolkit provides a minimum body of conceptual knowledge (grammar, vocabulary and phonology) and cultural knowledge that has been explored, retained and actively used by Year 6 pupils ('what’s left in the sieve'), at the end of four years of language learning at KS2.
The ‘drag and drop’ feature of the toolkit allows primary language colleagues to select the grammar, vocabulary, phonology and cultural knowledge that their pupils have explored at the end of KS2. They then drag (or paste) this across to populate the blank boxes according to their pupils’ learning (they may add to this if they wish). 

The flexible toolkit acknowledges the variability of pupil progress, and time allocation for language learning and suits transition scenarios involving small or large groups of primary schools feeding into one or more secondary schools.  Secondary colleagues can quickly determine the overlap in learning so that there is at least a common actionable base. The principal idea is to produce a nationally recognised tool which can act as a baseline, whatever the setting, and avoid a downturn in motivation.

ASCL’s KS2/KS3 Language Learning Transition Toolkit aims to provide genuine continuity of learning between primary and secondary. 

The content of the toolkit (currently available in French, German, Spanish, and Chinese) is informed by and complements most commercial resources and packages aimed at supporting the teaching of KS2 languages. The appendix includes an overview of most commercial and free resources for KS2 languages.

Download information about the KS2/KS3 French Transition Toolkit

Download the French Transition Toolkit template here

Download information about the KS2/KS3 Spanish Transition Toolkit

Download the Spanish Transition Toolkit template here

Download information about the KS2/KS3 German Transition Toolkit

Download the German Transition Toolkit template here

Download information about the KS2/KS3 Chinese Transition Toolkit

Download the Chinese Transition Toolkit template here

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