The Waters Report - update for ASCL Cymru members

April 2019

In September 2018, the report of the independent review panel on pay and conditions for teachers in Wales, led by Professor Mick Waters, was published. It proposes sweeping changes to the pay and conditions landscape. The full document can be read here.

ASCL Cymru is concerned about many of the proposals.

ASCL’s viewpoint

We remain very concerned about a large number of the proposals, particularly a group that appear to favour increased centralisation, and the removal of powers from local decision makers.

These include the ideas of setting up a panel to decide school leaders’ salaries and “School Leadership for Wales” which suggests that headteachers can be moved to different schools across Wales. 

We still feel that some of the proposals appear to blur the line between general pay and conditions and the Burgundy Book (which is a document negotiated by the unions and the employers and is not part of the decisions of government).

We are also concerned that some of the recommendations infer policy reform which should not be a part of the work of the IWPRB. 

While we will engage fully in the consultation process, we will continue to press the point that in our view the report and the majority of its recommendations are fundamentally flawed.

We have produced an overview of the recommendations and our responses, in English and Welsh. Click on the links below to download the reports:
Waters Report - overview 2019 (English version)
Waters Report - overview 2019 (Welsh version)