STRB's 29th report and draft STPCD 2019 consultation

24 July 2019

The DfE published the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB) 29th report on 22 July 2019.  The report recommends a 2.75% increase for September 2019 for all teachers and school leaders.  In his response statement the Secretary of State for Education confirmed his assumption that a 2% increase was affordable to the sector and stated that he will increase the Teacher Pay Grant funding for 2019/20 by £105 million to cover the additional 0.75%.  It is as yet unclear how this funding will be allocated to schools. 

This is a far cry from the 5% called for by the joint union response from ASCL, NAHT, NEU and Voice and contrary to our submissions, comes with insufficient funding.  School budgets are at breaking point, and in our submission we demonstrated that a 2% increase was not affordable by schools, it would in fact push many into deficit.

The publication of the department’s response to the report, along with the publication of the draft STPCD, signals the start of an eight-week period of consultation to which ASCL is a statutory consultee, and will be submitting our response on behalf of members in due course.

As the consultation period does not close until 13 September, we urge school leaders not to interrupt their well-earned breaks to begin re-budgeting.