Joint advice on school teachers' pay 2019-2020

3 September 2019

ASCL, along with NAHT, NEU and Voice set out our joint advice on the application of the proposed changes to teachers’ pay in England, including the adoption of pay scales and the application of individual pay increases.  

We jointly advise that the 2.75% uplift should apply to all teachers and leaders. The pay scale points included in the guidance are recommended pay scales based on the pay structure in place prior to 1 September 2014 and have been uprated in line with this year’s pay proposals. The government will be funding just 0.75% of the pay award, leaving schools to find the remaining 2% from their already overstretched existing budgets.  We provided evidence in our submissions to the STRB to show that 2% was not affordable by schools, as claimed in the DfE’s submission. We will continue to lobby the government to fully fund the pay award, with further justification for this in our consultation response. The funding for the 0.75% will be added to the existing teacher pay grant funding arrangements which will be paid in October.

This advice is also applicable to Wales, with the exception of M1 which has been increased by 5% in line with the pay proposal from the Welsh Government (please see relevant table for comprehensive guidance on pay scales for Wales).

Also attached are two tables containing the annually uprated scales since 2014 for England and Wales

Please note that at present these are proposals, as they are subject to the consultations which do not close until 13 September. As a statutory consultee, we will be submitting our responses to the consultations prior to the deadline, along with a joint statement in conjunction with NAHT, NEU and Voice.  Further details will be communicated to members in due course.