ASCL evidence to the IWPRB 2nd remit

15 May 2020 

ASCL welcomed the opportunity to make a written response to the IWPRB following the letter from the Minister for Education in February 2020 which addresses the arrangements for the 2020 pay award.

We were invited to submit evidence for several matters for recommendation, some for September 2020 and some longer-term considerations.

For September 2020, the items for consideration included:
  • pay range levels for 2020
  • potential reintroduction of national pay scales for Wales
  • current requirements relating to annual pay progression linked to performance
  • flexibilities within pay policies to determine teachers’ pay within set limits
  • desirability of ‘pay portability’ allowing teachers to retain pay levels when changing roles and/or moving schools
  • consideration of a national scale for TLRs
In our submission we called for a fully funded, substantial increase to all pay ranges in order to address the erosion of pay since 2010 and provided evidence to substantiate this.

We recommended:
  • the reinstatement of the advisory pay points to the STPCD (W), ensuring no detriment to any teacher or leader in the assimilation process
  • retention of the flexible TLR structure currently contained in the STPCD (W)
  • that the performance-related pay element of the pay system is removed from the STPCD (W) at the earliest opportunity
We highlighted the recruitment and retention crisis in Wales and how urgent action is required if we are to stem the rapid flow of teachers from the profession.

Our response to the items for longer term consideration can be found in our full submission.

See ASCL’s full response online English version and Welsh version.

ASCL, along with NAHT, NEU, UCAC and Voice submitted a joint statement detailing our common positions.  Also, that a significant, above-inflation pay increase sufficient to begin the urgent restoration of the real-terms cuts and damage to teacher and school leader pay since 2010, must be applied to all pay scales and allowances and fully funded by the Welsh Government. 

See our joint statement online (English version and Welsh version).