Supporting school leaders and classroom staff with wintertime ventilation

11 January 2022

Since the start of the pandemic, scientists, brought together by the Royal Society’s RAMP initiative, have worked tirelessly to promote the need to ensure adequate ventilation of buildings and in particular, in classrooms. This resulted in the formation of the CO-TRACE project which works to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in schools, through monitoring and evaluation of mitigation measures and to communicate with schools and teachers via the CoSchools platform.

CO-TRACE members have worked closely with the DfE, including helping to run a pilot project, CIVOS, to investigate the ‘Changes In the Ventilation Of Schools’ when CO2 monitoring is carried out.

The Secretary of State for Education’s announcement in August that around 320,000 CO2 monitors would be sent to schools, was welcome news, however, it was increasingly apparent that there was a need to help teachers understand why they were being sent these monitors, and how to use them and interpret the information.

In response, CoSchools has just launched a free suite of materials to support classroom staff with ventilation this winter, including four short videos explaining and motivating the use of CO2 monitors in classrooms, a simple table of the relevant CO2 levels (with a description, suggested actions, and potential consequences for each), an A4 poster which you can print and laminate to sit alongside the monitors in class, and a presentation which you can edit and use as a base for inset training on classroom ventilation in the context of Covid mitigation.

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