NGA Leading Governance Development for Boards Programmes funded by the DfE

October 2019

The DfE is fully-funding eligible governing boards to complete the National Governance Association (NGA) Leading Governance Development programme.

This CPD programme is designed for those governing in MATs, empty MATs and federations of two or more schools, or boards of schools in DfE specified areas of England where the school is rated by Ofsted as Requires Improvement. This is a consultant-led bespoke programme, that will be tailored to your board’s circumstances, to improve practice and outcomes, and includes two places on the Development for Chairs programme. It can be fully-funded by the DfE, with at least £2,500 of funding available per eligible trust or board.
What’s included in the programme?
Designed to suit each board’s circumstances, this programme will include elements such as:

  • evaluation of the board’s strengths and areas for development
  • face-to-face engagement with the board and senior leaders
  • co-creation of a governance action plan
  • up to two board members per school can join a leadership development programme
Benefits of the programme
This programme aims to develop governance by:
  • ensuring that the board is self-evaluating accurately
  • supporting the creation of a governance action plan which is realistic in scope and will ensure impact on governance practice and therefore pupil outcomes targeting areas where knowledge gain is required
  • developing leadership skills
  • monitoring and evaluating progress and impact

Further information
For more information: please visit NGA’s website to register and enquire about eligibility for funding, or contact the Leading Governance Team, call 0121 237 237 3780 (option 4).
Development for Clerks
To strengthen your board’s effectiveness, NGA recommends that this programme is taken alongside NGA’s Development for Clerks programme.
Please visit NGA’s website to find out more.

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