New Female Lead Society launches in schools across the UK

8 October 2019

The Female Lead Society is a club that students can set up in schools and colleges to run weekly sessions about ambition, careers, and role models. The Female Lead provides the resources, giving groups the chance to discuss the stories of inspiring women whilst also exploring the larger issues to which these stories relate – gender equality, gender stereotypes and lots more.

The pack includes activities to build confidence and ‘take the lead’ in your own life, as well as giving students the chance to discuss and debate. The Pilot Programme, which ran in UK schools during the summer term resulted in 83% of girls feeling more optimistic about their future careers.

The Female Lead will provide students with free-to-use guided sessions each term with modules including:
  • Gender equality workshop
  • Activism: getting involved
  • Building resilience
Students and teachers and can sign up or find out more about the societies via or by contacting 

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