Free high-quality CPD to teach computer science

June 2019

Do you offer GCSE computer science?  Computer science is a huge and growing area of STEM. Employers of all sectors and sizes report an almost insatiable appetite for young people with coding and other computing skills. But only 61% of schools currently offer the subject to GCSE, meaning many young people miss out on essential knowledge and skills, and great opportunities for rewarding careers. This is why the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) has been established.

Funded by the DfE, the NCCE is there to support teaching and learning of computer science across all key stages with subject-specific CPD, resources and other support. There is a generous bursary for teachers (all backgrounds and subjects) to cover fees and supply costs. The Accelerator Programme – 40 hours of face to face and online CPD – enables them to confidently teach computer science GCSE. More information is available here.

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