Developing the Business Function within Growing Trusts - guidance

December 2020

This guidance paper is suitable for school/trust business leaders, trustees, CEOs, headteachers, executive
principals, and senior leaders involved in strategic planning and decision making within existing or converting
multi-academy trusts.

With increasing numbers of trusts, it is evident that one vital element to the success of growing sustainable
organisations is a business leadership and management structure with the capacity to deliver provision that
supports the group’s ongoing development, whilst remaining efficient, effective and fit for purpose. In the
current financial climate, all trusts must be able to demonstrate sound financial health and efficiency, as well as
robust financial control and accountability.

No singular model can fit every scenario, however, there are aspects of business functionality which remain
vital in a growing trust. These should be considered at an early stage in the growth planning process, to
accommodate additional capacity requirements efficiently and effectively, and ensure robust business continuity
and adherence to statutory and regulatory compliance requirements. Separation of distinct strategic and
operational aspects of business functions should be considered when determining the optimum structure for
the specific context of the trust.

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