How is data used in schools today? A 2019 survey of current practice

28 November 2019

How frequently do senior leaders request assessment data? What type of data do they receive? How are targets and flightpaths created? When do schools talk to students about future attainment?

You might be surprised how little we actually know about data use in schools.

So, with the help of TeacherTapp, ASCL partner FFT surveyed over 3,000 school staff in order to produce one of the most comprehensive reviews of data use in schools today. They’ve included all of their research in a new report which is available to download free

It is hoped that you will use the report to support the use of data in your own school including the positive and negative impact that it can have on pupils, parents and teachers.

Alongside the research, they’ve also created a dedicated website that includes some of the report's main findings, key insights and interviews with school staff. Go to the website to get the full picture. 

FFT is interesting in getting your feedback, please email 

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