June checking exercise

June 2019

The window for checking that your school has the correct pupils identified for inclusion in performance tables, ASP, IDSR etc is now open until 5pm on 1 July. It is very important to check that the DfE list is correct; we are aware that a significant number of schools do not routinely do this. Guidance and access to the checking exercise can be found here.

The process and criteria for removing pupils were changed last year. We have been in discussion with the DfE to ensure that this process is as transparent and fair as possible.

The DfE has provided the following points for clarification:

Pupil removal requests As was the case last year, every removal request for pupils in state schools must be made during the June checking exercise. If requests are not made in June, then they will be automatically rejected if requested in September. However, in a change to last year, if schools do not have all the evidence they require to support the request in June, they must provide the evidence they have and state clearly what evidence they are awaiting on page one of their June evidence, otherwise the request will be rejected.

Applications and evidence under ‘other’ reasons Last year there were a high volume of pupil removal requests made under the ‘other’ category that were rejected because the evidence provided did not meet the requirements set out in the guidance. This year we have made changes to the website to list several categories under which ‘other’ pupil removal requests can be made and list the evidence requirements for each of these categories for schools to see as they are making their requests, so it is clear and transparent to schools what evidence required.

"Evidence for each case/request will be unique and will be reviewed individually, therefore we are unable to provide a ‘one size fits all’ list. For long term illness what we do require is evidence from a third-party medical professional that the illness is long term and recent third-party medical professional evidence stating that this long-term condition significantly impacted the pupil’s ability to attend school and/or sit exams. We would usually expect ‘recent’ evidence to be provided from within the last school term but this will depend on the circumstances of the illness/diagnosis/treatment.

"As in previous years, the DfE decision is final and we will not be providing feedback on individual decisions."

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