Analyse achool performance (ASP) update - November 2019

19 November 2019

The DfE has released provisional 2019 KS4 data in Analyse School Performance (ASP). It is very significant that schools can now properly compare ‘like for like’ groups within ASP by using the ‘switch comparator’ function. This permits schools to understand the performance of groups such as ‘disadvantaged’ and compare them to the correct national average. Additionally, schools can then apply filters to look at their own school groups. More functionality will be included in January following the use of validated data, including relative performance indicators for subjects.
ASCL has been pressing the DfE to ensure its publications allow genuine like for like comparisons for some time, so the ability to compare and filter is very welcome. Where it really makes a difference is with disadvantaged pupils where the DfE has previously compared them with their non-disadvantaged peers. This allows you to switch that off. Unfortunately, it is still misleading in public performance tables however, ASCL will continue to raise this issue with the department.

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