Analyse school performance (ASP) update - March 2019

March 2019

KS4 revised data for 2018 and revised Destinations (after KS4) for 2017, is now available in ASP.

This release includes a new ‘switch comparator’ function, which allows you to switch the disadvantaged national comparator to a ‘like-for-like’ comparator. This is different from the default DfE national comparator, which is the national average for non-disadvantaged pupils.

The Ofsted KS4 revised 2018 inspection data summary reports (IDSRs), are also available in ASP. The IDSRs now contain final EYFS, revised KS2, KS4, destinations and provisional KS1/phonics, and 16 to 19 study programmes.

Access to ASP, previously through the Secure Access portal, has now been replaced by DfE Sign-in. Approximately 25,000 users have now successfully migrated to the new service. The easy step by step process is on the DfE Sign-in website. If you are unable to migrate using your Secure Access username and password, please contact the approver at your organisation who will be able to create you a new account. A reminder from the DfE to all ASP users that it’s important to keep your log-in credentials confidential, and that the additional responsibilities of approvers can be found in the ‘Terms of use’ section in ASP.

Coming soon:

  • School characteristics 'Prior attainment of pupils by year group' report for 2017/18 – March

  • Key stage 4 'Relative performance indicators by subject' report for 2017/18 – April

  • Key stage 4 ‘entries and attainment by subject' report for 2017/18 – April

  • Absence 3 term data for 2017/18 – April

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