Guidance for members on Ofsted inspections

10 December 2019

The National Education Union (NEU) recently wrote to its members regarding concerns about Ofsted’s new Education Inspection Framework. In short, NEU is concerned that teachers without a paid TLR for leading a subject might find themselves being held accountable by inspectors for curriculum leadership and standards across a subject.

We have produced new guidance for ASCL members on this issue. While we have heard many positive reports from members about inspections taking place under the new framework, we have also received some more concerning feedback about certain aspects of the inspection process. We have written to HMCI Amanda Spielman to flag up these concerns and to seek her assurances that Ofsted will act on them.

We have asked Ofsted to: 
  1. clarify that school leaders will always be invited to join meetings between inspectors and teachers without TLRs
  2. ensure that all inspections are conducted in a manner which is professional, respectful and mindful of the wellbeing of teachers and leaders
  3. remind inspectors of the ‘transition arrangements’ included in the new inspection handbook, and to be realistic about the extent to which schools can and should have made changes to their curriculum in the short period since the new framework and handbook were published

We will also be writing to the Secretary of State, after the General Election, to make the case that greater funding is required to ensure that all schools have the capacity and resources they need to develop and deliver a high-quality curriculum.


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